What Sets Us Apart

Building Bright Smiles for the Future!

A child’s first dental experiences often affect their feelings about “seeing the dentist” for the rest of their lives. It’s essential children grow up without fear or anxiety related to a checkup, cleaning, or other dental procedure.

Through positive, painless early dental visits, you child can grow into an adult with a beautifully healthy smile and the knowledge and desire to care for it – for life!

At First Smiles Dental, we ensure each child and their parents have fruitful, stress-free appointments, and leave each visit with a big smile.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Victoria and our her team are committed to caring for your child with the same compassion and gentle touch we provide our own family members.

  • We genuinely care about your child as a person, celebrating their wonderfully unique and interesting personality. We love watching children grow up and being part of their story.
  • We provide a personalized experience for each child and, invite you to accompany your child at hygiene visit. Dr. Victoria will talk with you about what’s happening in your child’s mouth, any concerns, and all treatment options. They’ll encourage your questions, answer fully and directly, and provide all the information you need.
  • We believe in the prevention of dental disease, not just treating it once present. It’s easier to stop problems from starting and we want your child to have a healthy mouth! That said, dental disease and dental emergencies happen. We’re here to immediately address problems, using conservative techniques, so your child is able to regain their healthy smile with a minimum of stress.
  • We know the best way to help your child is to ensure their visits are fun-filled, enjoyable, and that they leave with big smile. We also know that, by maintaining a positive atmosphere and engaging with your child on their level, we’re able to teach them about their oral health. We love how children want to be independent and use that desire to empower them in developing a lifetime of great home oral hygiene routines.
  • We work with families, making dental care worry-free. Whether you have concerns, a hectic schedule, or your child needs special attention and support, we’ll find solutions — please tell us what you need!


  • We offer dental care to patients as soon as they cut their front tooth up to the age of 21.
  • We are conveniently located in Camden in the Belk shopping center. Please contact us and schedule a visit for your child, today!